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Our Solution

RaceTracker provides race timing solutions tailored for different types of events; GPS Timing, RFID / Chip Timing, and Online Timing. The alternatives can be provided on a stand alone basis, or in combination with other alternatives. RaceTracker provides accurate timing using a state of the art RFID timing system. Our timing system can be adjusted to any type of event and has successfully been used on cycling, triathlon and running events.

Support for all types and sizes of events.
Computerized results available quickly both on site and online.
Pull tag timing for smaller events.
A friendly, approachable staff that will help make your race a success.
All services necessary for an event seamlessly integrated


Using the location and time data from the GPS trackers, our system can be set to automatically record times start, intermediary and finish times. The times will be integrated in the GPS tracking user interface. The advantages of using GPS based timing are:


Our chip based timing is a pioneering technology in embedded vehicle tracking and real-time updates


RaceTracker has developed a proprietary solution for manual timing online simply by the click of a button in a web browser. The solution is